Adobe CC Updates Review, Tips & Tricks, Expert Demos by Japanese Top Artists


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There's a series of videos coming out which will cover some of the latest updates in the Adobe CC. It will focus mostly on After Effects, but they will use other tools like Premiere Pro too.

What's interesting is that this seminar is held by some well-known graphic artists and experts in Japan, and that they'll be doing some demos of how they use the new features in their workflow too. The event was also sponsored by Adobe.

The seminar is conducted in Japanese, but will be translated and subtitled into English.

Just register (for free), and you'll be able to watch them when they come out. Go check it out!

Event Description (from their Facebook event page)
In collaboration with AE User Group Japan, MotionElements is proud to present to you the exclusive coverage of the 18th AE Study, sponsored by Adobe.

Get the latest Adobe Creative Cloud updates, revealed in NAB 2016. What's more, watch how top graphic artists from Japan use the new After Effects CC features to create their works.

The seminar will be recorded and split into 3 different videos. The videos will be translated and subtitled in English, Korean and Japanese.

Register at to receive notifications of when the videos will be up!

Part 1: NAB2016 Expert Reviews to New Creative Cloud Updates for After Effects + Premiere Pro
Release date: 2 May 2016

Part 2: Creative Cloud for Virtual Reality, and Mocha techniques
Release date: 9 May 2016

Part 3: Live demos, tips, and using 'Particular' in After Effects
Release date: 9 May 2016


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The videos are up!!
There are now 6 videos instead of just 3. Turns out, much more information was given in the seminar than first expected.
The last one was particularly interesting! Go check it out!

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