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Hey guys, Bit of a newbie to filming etc. However i seem to pick these things up quite quick and i think practice is the best way to go.

I am looking at making a few teasers and videos this year. It will be focused mainly on my motocross team following there racing and freestyle events.

I have about a £3000 budget for a camera and was just wondering what people recommend? HD is a must as quality has to be top notch.

Also what other kind of accessories, lighting or jibs do you recommend to get a good variety of shots?

I have some one editing it so as long as i can get the shots I'm sure the outcome should be good. This is the kind of thing i want to achieve exclude the helicopter shots though :p.

is this achievable with a camera in this budget? or am i setting my hopes a bit high? Any advice or help would be very much appreciated.

oh also I'm in the UK so the best place to buy from to :D



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30 views and no replys :( can no one point me in the right direction. Or is there a better forum to ask on?


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Here's a very excellent article related to camera movement:

Here are two helpful articles related to jib moves:

Elements to keep in mind while composing an image:

Script for calling a shot:

More educational articles here:

Tech focus and product reviews here:

I also recommend going to the Front Page here ( and using the Top Right search box for key search words like:

* lighting
* filters
* camera
* HD camera
* HD camcorder
* lenses
* tripod

If you reach a few articles that are interviews with filmmakers, you should look through those articles as well because the filmmakers talk about what they used for cameras, lighting, lenses, etc...

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Here are more articles -

"13 Features to Look for in a Camera":

An Adventure in High Definition Filmmaking:

Some camera discussions here in the Camera Forums:

Here are some articles related to Audio/Sound: