All rounder camera for paid work advice


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Hi there

Have been using my Nikon D90 for little short films and shooting charity events thus far.

Have some paid work coming up and am keen to upgrade to something particularly suited to video. Looking for bit of an all rounder that ideally would set me up for the following:
Events filming requiring some zoom
Low light ability ideally
Shooting short film that would be both on the move as well as tripod (image stabilisation)
Good enough quality that it looks good when projected onto big screen
Ability to create shallow depth of field
Ability to pull focus during shot
Looking for mic input and headphone output
Fold out screen would be nice but not a must.

Not fussed about it being a stills camera. This might sound bit silly but as doing some paid work, keen to not show up with a little
handy cam looking piece of kit!

Budget - I'm in Australia so $3000-4000 AUD which calculates to $2300-3000 USD including lense.

Any advice from you nice people would be awesome! :)

Thanking you.


You can get a used C100 for about $2,400 on Amazon. It's currently the best low-budget go-to camera for a mix of events and filmmaking. There are also a few lower-budget cameras that fit your criteria that doesn't have a microphone input, such as an A7s, GH4, or G7. You can get a nice 50 mm lens for about $300 - $400 with image stabilization, but a great wide or zoom lens will cost about $1,000, and even more if you want one with built-in image stabilization for handheld shots.