An Engagement on the 'big screen'

Craig Mallinson

New member
Dear film students, film fans, amateur film makers, and one and all,

Allow me to be truthful in this first sentence, I am not, nor ever have been or ever will study the art(s) of film making and film production. I come to you and this forum as a twenty six year old garage forecourt assistant from the United Kingdom who has set in place an allotted and confirmed short amount of time on my local cinema screen in order for me to engage to my partner.

I can paint, I can draw, and I can write the words I wish to be displayed. From your good selves I seek wisdom, advice, and any charitable time or information I can obtain in order to get my ideas from out of my mind, onto the computer, and onto the cinema screen.

I have absolutely no idea how images are displayed onto a cinema screen, and my only assumption is that it may be possible to produce something on my computer which could be transferable. This is an absolute guess.

I shall be digitally drawing and adding text to series of images using a graphics tablet and Photoshop, as this is all I have a baseline. From then onwards I have very little idea as to how to structure them all together and 'Jazz' them up. My engagement video / imagery does not have to be a ground breaking, breath taking $100 million blockbuster, it merely has to be projected.

To emphasise that this is indeed a real and life changing event for myself and my partner, please just google the word 'Cineworld' and you shall see that a national company has given me the go-ahead to make a little something happen. An engagement proposal will only happen in my life once.

Please do private message me, where I shall be more than happy to pass onto you my contact details or to just pass on some help!

Alternatively, my e-mail address is, I have enough spam already and do not mind giving out this information.

Note: Moderators, if you need to abide to your duty, I apologise and I understand if my e-mail address will need to be removed.

With upmost sincerity,