Anyone heard of the actor "Craig Fox"?...




I recently dropped out of college doing a deploma in performing arts due to a good job coming in; I was just wondering of any of you have heard of Craig Fox from Manchester north west UK, the reason I ask this is because in our acting classes he was incredible, I mean some of his performances were actually scary because they were so realistic. The first practical work I remember doing with him was a comedy based role were he was halariouse, so I persumed that was his only style/genre, but then he did a group role were he played a psychotic husband in a geliouse rage who ends up killing his wife and the person who he suspected she was having an affair with and he was spectacular, the lines he came out with, his expressions, everything, I think everone in the theartre had hairs standing up on there neck and the tutor even said it was quite literally a world class performance and gave him the highest possible grade. He did a lot more stuff and I don't think he graduates until 2010, I remember he said he did some actor/extra work and said he did rather well in secondary school, but I was wondering if anyone knows if he was in anything else?

I managed to find his acting profile on which has his photo's/description etc but I don't think it's upto date, he must have done more stuff, I really want to see some of his stuff (prefferbly in a movie) as I am actually inspired by him to go back to college, I can't contact him on there because I haven't paid for a starnow profile, and don't live near the college anymore so I was hoping some of you may know him?