Aristotle's Poetics for Screenwriters- ever heard of it?


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Checkit- I want to talk to someone about the book by Michael Tierno. Poetics for Screenwriters is a peice of work that deserves discussion... If you don't know what it is then do a google search or pick it up directly from

Kudos to filmmakerone's podcast- listen to it if you haven't already! That's where I learned about this book!

The Hi-Psied


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Hey Pharpsied,

Glad you enjoyed the book. Aristotle really dissected the subject throughly, and Michael makes it very readable.

Thanks for plugging the podcast. I had never done a book review on the show before and although it did not turn out as good as I wanted, I guess it seemed to get the point across.

So tell me what you liked about Poetics for Screenwriters. What did you get out of it?


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It was a solid piece of work that illuminated a few things for me, but there was very little opportunity for practical application while reading the book. I felt like I wanted to practice a lot of the concepts from the book, and I did, but not along side the book. It was more of a master class, a theoretical seminar, than a workshop and maybe that's ok.

What did you think?