Artistic Feast. (Salvation FPS)


Salvation FPS

Good day, Hello, etc etc. :)

Howdy there, My name is Carey and im very much so looking for keen artists to help create an sci-fi fps. Im personally looking for experienced artists to help design a trully artistic sci-fi fps.

The game takes place upon a starship known as "SALVATION". The game to set to be an eerie sci-fi fps. Not a typical point-shoot-and move type of game.

All of the game models are being completed in .x format. (Direct X). The game mainly consists of the Hero of the story trying to find out what the mysterious starship is. And more importantly where his fellow squad members have gone.

All types of artists are needed for this project. And if you decide to work on the project then you are working with us and not just for us. Artist input is considered greatly so say for example if you create an interesting weapon for the game and think that it should do a certain function etc then we will most likely use it towards that purpose. This way what the artist wants there creations to do. They will.

Im sorry if this explanation is not very well said, but if you are interested in letting your artistic visions come free into a virtual plane and wish to discuss in further detail. Then please by all means contact me at.

Thankyou for your time,