ATTN: Filmmakers - Twisted Little Gnome 2.0 Coming Soon!



Twisted Little Gnome( will be unveiling its new version next week. The goal for everyone at TLG has been to make the site a place for filmmakers and enthusiasts alike to upload, promote, and nurture their works and for enthusiasts to view and review quality, original works.

In order for TLG to be what we want it to be, we NEED YOUR HELP!

We will be unveiling the video uploading feature with the new version and I want to give my friends in the student community the first opportunity to help get this site going and become as big as we believe it can be.

If you have a short film, feature, trailer, or any other quality work you would like promoted, reviewed, featured, etc. on Twisted Little Gnome, please contact me at: or PM me on this board.

This is NOT another YouTube or IFilm. This site has a personality of its own and we are working extremely hard to make it stand out as the best. Those who are on this board that know me, know that I do not settle for less than that and will work hard to make sure your films are seen and get the notice every filmmaker here deserves!

Thank you, in advance, for all your support!

Jason Meinhardt

NOTE: The site that is available now is just a "place holder" until we could get the new version going. It will still have the community feature, but will primarily be concentrated on filmmakers and their craft.