audio recorder and dual lav mics


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so I've been looking into buying a sound recorder and was wondering if a cheap one is sufficient.. like this:ät-...r-Aufnahmegerät-Spracherkennung/dp/B01MG1EENS

or is it better to go for the Zoom H1. I've used the H1 before and the quality is perfect. Only downside I see is the micro SD card.

From what I understand, there's not really a way to record 2 mics simultaneously (like 2 people interview) via 3,5 jack right ?

So I'd actually need to get 2 sets of lav mic systems and go through XLR and something like the Zoom H4N.

I guess with lav mics, the Sennheiser ew100 g2 / g3 is the standard - but why are they so crazy expensive ??
No way I'd be able to get two..

For radio mics, also check out the Audio Technica System 10 units, They do not work on the normal UHF frequencies so they are not prone to interference or the FCC eliminating their channels down the road. For a good recorder, I agree with Kim that the TASCACM DR-70 is an excellent choice. Four XLR inputs, mix ability, start/stop bloop tone for easy syncing to video, and can ride under a DSLR camera body or be used stand-alone.