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I have experience editing but know nothing about cameras. I read some other posts but am still a bit confused.

I need something for the athletics department at a university. We currently use a FLIP HD but the sound is not great on that and the picture doesn't look too good, in my opinion.

We will be putting together highlight reels, behind the scenes stories that can be used on local and national news, series shorts and pieces on athletes. I need something that looks professional - better than the FLIP cam - and is easy to use. (The FLIP is definitely easy!)

Is there a beginner friendly camera that provides good sound and video and doesn't cost a fortune? Do I need a separate lighting kit? I'm thinking the budget may be 2,000 or under.

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Ok here is your best bet im thinking.

Cannon 60D

Tungsten Basic Lighting

Audio-Technica AT-897 Shotgun Kit

or better for interviews a lav mic set.

some reflectors are always nice to have to bounce the light around

and for some on sight audio mixing

(however the 60d does have some nice audio features.)

you may want to look around for a nice video lens for the 60d although the stock one does a nice job.

Hope it helps
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