Believable bloody organs


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Hi Again,
I'm trying to figure out which of my short scripts I should attempt to shoot, and I need to know how easy or not it is to create real looking bloody organs, namely the heart as that will get a close up. Also, I need a whole lot of liscence plates. Are there real looking ones I can get somewhere. The scene has a bunch of organs nailed to a wall, some putrefied some fresh, each with the liscence plate of the victim hanging above it.
Sorry about the gory details for those of you who don't care for that stuff.


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First thing that comes to mind is to use raw meat. Haha. Seems simple but could work. If you live near an old-fashioned meatshop/butcher then that's even better. Spread some watered down ketchup over em to make them look bloody.

The heart may be a bit more complicated.... If you're doing it in a high school see if the art class has any clay you can use. Get someone talented with it to mold a heart with that. It would probably work unfired and painted over but if the school also has a kiln (essentially an over at extremely high temperatures to harden clay) then use that and it should be easier to paint over. Some gloss and ketchup along with scraps of raw meat can go a long way.

Just what popped into my head...