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I have finished cinema institute in Russia as a film director. Id like not to stop my education and to adopt a wide experience of the American cinematographers.
My question is:
What books, textbooks are for the film directors already having some knowledge in given area?

Especially interests:
1. Working with the actors in movie and all info about it. What actor's «system» the American actors work etc?
2. How to direct rehearsals with actors?
3. Shooting of dialogues.
3. Camera movement in the scene. How to reach dynamics in one scene!!
4. Director's «development» of a scene on known examples (famous films).
5. A multi-camera method of shooting. How cameras settle down in action scenes?
6. Work with the Art Director in film. How to achieve a picture without superfluous elements.
7. Director's technologies of shooting a primetime series, shows (as «LOST»).

I ask here, as we do not have American film-textbooks on sale - therefore before buying in internet, it would be desirable to know what of numerous books tell about the given themes most in detail. Excuse me for my bad English:)

I shall be grateful to advice. Also I wish to learn, what internet sites can be esteemed on the given subjects. Thank you

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Promotion of Books

Promotion of Books

We only Promote the books in our store and the ASC store.
we don't promote websites in the forums becaue it leads to mass free for all self promotion tricksters.

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