Black Day - first 30min short Film


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Hi all,

i hope this is the right place to show some personal work, if not pls. move this thread to the proper subforum.

This film-webpage-combination is my final uni project and the goal was to make the webpage, the design, the film and the link between film and webpage (-> making of)

AND! I´m happy to be able to also offer the full Soundtrack on the page.
You can listen or download single tracks or the full package with the cd-cover as pdf.

====== Some facts ========
Length: 30 mins with two different endings
Voice: German
Subtitles: German/English
Extras: making-of, Soundtrack
Style: Game Art (eg. Pc Games like GTA 3)

Characters have around 1300 Polys with a 512^2 Texture
Worldtextures are a mixture of 100% handpainted and 50% photo / 50% handpainted
I used 1x2048^2 + 1x1024^2 + 1x1024^2_alpha for common worldtextures and for special props extra 512^2 textures
first real animations i made.. so they are a bit.. firstlike ;)
postproduction in combustion and sony vegas 6
sound in cubase, recorded sfx with the zoom h2 recorder (nice little thing!)

You can watch the Trailer here:

The webpage with the full film is here:

The film starts a bit slow and the voice actors are nonprofessionals.. > crit i already know