Black Sheep - Short Film in HD


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Hey guys, please view our new film and let us know what you think.

Black Sheep

Laura, a rebellious teenager spends the night away from home without informing her elder sister where she has been. After searching throughout the night, Dani finds Laura hanging around in a car park with her friend. Dani confronts Laura leading to an argument which things are said that they would live to regret.

Directed, Filmed & Edited by
Sam Hendi

Written & Sound by
Shahram Shayesteh

Lighting & Casting by
Elly Nagarajan

Music Composed & Performed by
David Portugheis (

Hyette Duffy
Tracey Button
Abena Bentum

Filmed using
Sony HVR-V1E & Letus35 Extreme

Edited using
Sony Vegas

Special Thanks to
Sainsbury’s Collindale, Sony & Letus

Black Sheep on Youtube HD

Black Sheep on Vimeo HD

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But it keeps you from marketing it.
Was this just for fun/experience?
Looks like a lot of work.


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That's true, i think we just felt it was the right name for the film.
It was made for both fun and experience :)
It took about three hours to film and a few days to edit.