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I'm doing a film where someone is high on a combination of drugs. I want the actor to have bloodshot eyes for the scene. Do you know of any free or very cheap (we have no budget) way to cause someone to have bloodshot eyes that won't cause the actor discomfort? We start shooting next week (oops) so I need something that can be done in a short amount of time, no ordering out for novelty contacts. The only ways I've though of are keeping the actor up all night, poking him in the eye, or making him cry. Unfortunately if I do those he will be too tired to remember his lines, I might hurt him, and around his eyes will go all puffy as well.

Thanks in advance.


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I don't know any thing that I could safely suggest. Unless you know he is allergic to cats...then just buy him a kitten. ;)

There is a product called EYE BLOOD, and I think most costume shops carry it...if not, you would have to find it and oder it online.


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1. Google "cosmetic contacts" "FX contacts" or "halloween contacts" and look for bloodshot eyes. Can be a little pricey tho.
2. As a cheap alternative with a snall angeled brush, lightly dab a red eyeshadow on the water line, use eyedrops to give a "glassy" effect, and some FX contouring to make eye bags using more purply tones.
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