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<strong>2012 BlueCat Screenplay Competition</strong><br><br><strong>Final DEADLINE: November 15th </strong><br><br>Every screenplay entered is read by two readers and receives two written analyses. BlueCat Screenplay provides each writer who enters BlueCat two written analyses, ensuring each entry is reviewed by two readers, while supporting screenwriters of all levels and stages of development with the constructive feedback all writers require.<br><br>"How great to get these analyses -- and from astute and careful readers. Their comments both encourage and challenge me to really examine how to make this script as good as it can be. Thanks again!"<br><em>~Cornelia R., 2012 Entrant</em><br><br><strong>ABOUT</strong><br>BlueCat is an international community that has been discovering and developing writers since 1998. Our Winners and Finalists have been signed by major talent agencies like UTA, CAA and WME, sold their work to studios like Warner Bros., Paramount and Universal, and won major awards at the Sundance, Berlin and Tribeca Film Festivals, all after being discovered by and winning BlueCat. 
Judged by award winning Screenwriter and Director, Gordy Hoffman.<br><br><strong>PRIZES</strong><br><strong>Winner </strong>of the 2012 Competition will receive $10,000. <br><strong>Four Finalists</strong> will receive $2000 each. <br><strong>Best Screenplay from the UK:</strong> $1000. <br><strong>Best Screenplay from outside the USA, Canada and UK:</strong> $1000.<br><br>One writer will be awarded a live, staged reading with professional local actors at Screenplay Live in Rochester, New York, as part of the 360|365 George Eastman House Film Festival.<br><br><br><strong>BlueCat Alumni News</strong><br>BlueCat Winner The Man in the Rearview Mirror sells for low six figures. <br><br>Michael Fassbender (X-MEN: FIRST CLASS) attaches to BlueCat finalist Aaron Guzikowski's Blacklist Script.<br><br>Jim Beggarly BlueCat Finalist (2005) currently has two feature films in post-production; FREE SAMPLES which stars Jesse Eisenberg (THE SOCIAL NETWORK) and Jason Ritter (Oliver Stone's W.) and THE KITCHEN, which stars Laura Prepon (THAT 70s SHOW).<br><br><br>SUBMIT YOUR SCREENPLAY: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br><strong>BlueCat Screenplay Competition</strong><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="BlueCat Screenplay Competition" width="258" height="70" border="0"></a><br><br> <br><br><br><br>