Bluescreening Claymation and Wires



Hello. I'm new to the board. This may have been asked already, but the bluescreen topics I found weren't quite my specific problem.

I'm making a claymation and I need to blue screen it because I'm working with models that need to appear as though they're floating. So far my problem isn't really the blue bleed or any of that. I can't figure out exactly what to do about the wires. They're painted blue, same as the background. I just don't know how to light them so they blend in with the background.

I'm working with clamp lights. Nothing special. I can get other/more lights that are cheap. It's super low budget. I've got blackwrap for directing the light as well.


that's a good question. I'm not really sure. All I can say is to make sure you've lit the blue screen evenly. Try some tests with the wires. I think you may have to do some rotoscoping to remove the wires.