Bringing Filmmaking to the Masses


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The process of capturing, editing and sharing movies is one not undertaken by many. Unless it is a special occasion (birthdays, weddings etc), most people consider film-making just too hard.

This is a great shame. Millions of stories from around the world are left untold simply because people don't have the right tools - and so, they don't have a voice.

Whether it is a parent wanting to share the day their child learnt to ride a bike, or a Syrian teen wanting to tell the story of the Arab Spring, creating and sharing a compelling story is hard and time-consuming.

That's why my friend Alex and I have built an iPhone application that can capture, edit and share multi-scene movies in less than three minutes. All you need is an iPhone.

Here's something I edited and shared in under two minutes.

It's completely free and we want the studentfilmmakers community to try the beta by signing up at