Broadcast Your Film for FREE on the Internet using Jetcast



I am new to this and I would like to introduce you to . We would like to work with you to add your “Live” or “Pre-Recorded Loop” Channel(s) that could be posted on all of your website’s and within our Jetcast guide 24/7 to help build awareness and demand for your programming. You will not pay for the traditional bandwidth to have this service whether one person watches or one million people watch. This will allow both your users and our users to Watch and promote your service at little to No Cost to You.

If you go to you will see that our site is a free service for content owners like yourself. We provide all the solutions and infrastructure for content owners to broadcast without the bandwidth costs. There are no catches. You can read the details on the site or feel free to contact us.


We are proud to announce the launch of our alpha Jetcast service where broadcasters can use our new secure and efficient Jet:// protocol instead of the current mms:// or http:// protocols which will save over the traditional costs of per megabit transfer streaming rates. This will allow internet broadcasters who have struggled to be profitable because of these huge streaming costs now have a new technology that will allow you to monetize content.

Marketing & Traffic

You can create as many channels as you wish and embed those channels on any site you choose and allow others to embed your channels without incurring any additional streaming costs; this will allow you to take advantage of the internets viral marketing for popular content, which will increase your viewers and revenue for your channels without increasing your streaming costs.


Add a webcam’s feature and let viewers connect with behind the scenes programming on selected days or times at no additional costs.

Live Event Promotions

Film Live events and either create a channel on the fly or pre record it and post a recorded loop for your potential customers to view later.

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