Camera Choosing Conundrum


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Ha! I used alliteration. My english teacher would be proud.

Anyways, Hello there. I am very new here to, and to filmmaking in general. My friend and I are very interested in pursuing careers in film. One hurdle that we can’t seem to get over, however, is the selection of a cheap, yet decent quality camera to start off with. Both of us have been researching quite a bit online. But fact of the matter is there are just too many choices! And it doesn’t help matters at all that when we look at the technical details of the camera we might as well be trying to read ancient Aztec hieroglyphics. Also looked into different formats, and HDV seems to be the closes match to what we want.

Here is what we are looking for in a camera:
-Below the $1500 price range preferrably. $2000 max.
-High quality recording
-Format that’s easily editable using computer

Type of film:
-I don't plan on making a sci-fi film or a fantasy epic, so I don't need the best equipment. (Like I could get that on my budget). Mostly going to be doing cheap psychological thrillers, monologues, comedy, etc.

It matters not what it looks like or how big it is (unless it’s a behemoth the Titans would be jealous of. No, not the football team). We just want to start ‘practicing’ as soon as possible. I know opinions are bound to differ greatly here, and all are welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Note: I posted this previously on the 'Newbies' board before I saw this. Thought it would be better suited here instead. I also saw another thread similar to mine. But the replies seemed personally tailored to the original poster, so I didn't want to intrude.


Links And Buying Advice

Links And Buying Advice

There are many posts in these forums about affordable cheap cameras. This is a very common question. Also, we do not allow links to commercial sites and if you are buying something it would be best if you visitsed our sponsors for this kind of thing. These may be the reason you don't get a lot of replies and I delete all the plugs for companies that do not sponsor us.