Camera Suggestions & Questions


New member
I'm interested in filmmaking and seeking to start with short films; I would really appreciate your inputs in selecting Video Camera based on my requirements and fits in my budget.

1) I'm looking in the budget of $1000-$1500 and little more
2) 3CCD
3) Record to either Hard Disk or Digital medical card(As a starter I might need to do lot of re-shoot, so would like to avoid on buying tapes , not sure if that sounds stupid :)-
4) Audio input/Head phone Jack (I really appreciate if explain types of audio inputs on video camera).
5) HD/SD? Would like go for, which is easy to edit on Sony Vegas Pro.
6) which gives the flexibility to attach lenses/filters/adapters etc :(
7) Viewfinder

Please Suggest me if any other features I need to look for to get my video as film look? Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions