Canon Cameras Slowmotion Clips


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I need to know;

A) Even after shooting High-speed slowmotion shots from Canon cameras why do we still need to change frame-rate of those clips again in editing to make them slowmotion? isnt it the same thing as if we shoot at normal speed and then later changing their speed in editing?

B) Can we see slowmotion while shooting in livepreview/monitor? or it will only be seen in the editing software after changing those clips' speed?

C) Does this changing of speed in the editing software is required for the Highsoeed clips shot in other cameras like Sony, Nikon and Arri too or this process is only required for Canon clips only?


Robert Miller

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I don't know what Uni you wish to attend but judging from these questions, they are not very modern and they have ambiguous questions. They should encourage students to perform research over modern things. An article like this would be more useful for a future student:

Robert Miller

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Also most of their questions they are asking should be asked AFTER they teach you how to shoot such clips in the first place, not before you even get there to study. Makes no sense. :) You go there to learn. Somebody who already has a job in this industry doesn't need to go to an Uni.