Cat VS DVD Player: A Short Film

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Sweet Dreams Studios

Hello one and all!

Sweet Dreams Studios, a young and independent studio, has just released its first short movie. It's a heartwarming (silly) comedy about a boy and his cat. This cat, fascinated by the normal functions of a DVD player, will stop at nothing to find out the mystery behind its slot... with a surprise ending.

Cat VS DVD Player << LINK HERE

Directed by me.
Acting by me and Dommy the cat.
Written by me.
Produced by me.
Lighting by me.
Sound effects by me, and
Music by me (Gigastudio).

You get the picture.

Be sure to give us a good rating! My video gets seen more that way. :D


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I loved it.

Great job in getting the cat to seem like he was cooaperating in the acting process
Very creative way to edit it together
5 stars for the good ending.

Makes me want to do comedy :)