Charlie Butters: Floor Burgers Stop Motion Short Film


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The misadventures of Charlie Butters is a cartoon series we are currently working on releasing. This is episode one entitled, "Floor Burgers." Charlie is sort of a clumsy fellow always meaning well but due to his clumsiness often gets himself in trouble. This series is one of many we will be working on in 2011. All our characters are made with real clay.

We use a Panasonic PV-GS500 camera for our shots set to absorb even lower light with 1/2 second exposures, so no flash needed. We put our videos together in Adobe Premiere CS5 shot by shot to create the stop motion film and then add sound which we edit in audacity.

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pretty cool in a funky way!

pretty cool in a funky way!

i kinda like the dumb down figures with all the little details left in that are important. I think this might be a good way for students to learn to shoot and block and direct before they actually start taking up the time of talent and renting equipment.