Classically trained composer looking for projects


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Hey guys!

My name is Steven O'Brien and I'm a classically trained composer, currently looking for projects to work on.

You can listen to all of my work here:

I can compose in a wide variety of instrumental styles, from symphonic orchestral scores to intimate chamber ensemble scores to romantic solo piano scores. I can also write in jazz and rock styles.

If you're interested in working with me, feel free to send an email to:

If you do contact me, please state upfront whether or not there will be compensation provided for the work. I will gladly work for free if your budget is extremely tight and I find your project interesting, but please understand that I cannot take on every unpaid offer that I receive.

-- Free-to-use, Royalty-Free music --

As a quick sidenote; all of the music on my SoundCloud page has been released under a Creative Commons Attribution license, which means that you may freely download and use the music in your project if you find it suitable. The only condition to this is that you provide credit. There's more information about this on my FAQ.

You're free to use my music whether or not your project is commercial or non-profit, however, if you are working on a commercial project and you've found my music useful, I'd ask that you consider making a small donation to me.

Thanks for reading!


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Hi Steven, thanks for sharing your info and links. If you haven't done so yet, you should post some of your music samples in the Music Section on the NETWORK:

Our editorial staff is often looking for composers to feature in the "Music & Sound" News Section Online, "Music & Sound" Section in the Print Magazine, "StudentFilmmakers," and in the "Networking" Section.