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Hi Everyone, I'm posting an event alert because I know a lot of you have been asking for Production Workshops that will be taking place at the StudentFilmmakers Magazine headquarters in New York City. Seats have been filling up, however, the next 50 attendees are still eligible to receive our door prize giveaway, the Steadicam EFP Training Video DVD. Plus, we are raffling 2 additional door prizes, so you have a chance of winning a free Chimera Lighting Kit or Sachtler tripod system. Here's the full description of the Workshop below.

I can't think of a better event to attend this Saturday. Come join us for the workshop, presentations, and networking!

Sign up here:

Workshop Details

Julian Chojnacki, SOC is an A-List Steadicam Operator, Camera Operator, and Underwater Camera Operator with numerous film and television credits, including the new soon-to-be-released 3D feature film, "The Final Destination." He is a member of the DGA, SOC, SOA, IATSE Local 600, IATSE Local 669 and nominated in two categories for the CMT Music Video Awards for 2006. and StudentFilmmakers Magazine is proud to announce the "Shooting in 3D" Workshop with Julian Chojnacki, SOC which will take place in New York, New York on Saturday, July 11, from 10am to 2pm at the StudentFilmmakers Magazine Headquarters, 1133 Broadway, New York, New York, between 25th & 26th Street.

The Workshop and Networking Event will feature a three-hour workshop led by Mr. Chojnacki. He will discuss Camerawork and Camera Techniques, 3D Technology and 3D Techniques, and the Future of 3D. He will also share his experience of working on the set and shooting in 3D the new feature film, "The Final Destination."

When: Saturday, July 11, 2009, 10am - 3pm
Where: Headquarters
1133 Broadway (between 25th & 26th Street)
New York, New York 10010
Phone: (212) 255-7192

9:30am - 10am: Meet and Greet with Mr. Julian Chojnacki, SOC & Morning Coffee
10am - 12pm: Shooting in 3D Workshop
12pm - 1pm: Question and Answer Session
1pm - 2pm: NEW: Sponsor Presentations, Demos, and Q&A

Cost: $55.00
Discounts: Early bird registrants get $10 off.
Students with ID receive additional 10% off.
* Next 50 attendees receive a free door prize: The Steadicam EFP Training Video DVD.
* Additionally, all attendees are eligible for FREE RAFFLE: get a chance to win a Chimera Lighting Kit or Sachtler tripod system.

Register Online Today:

Program Details

How We See 3D and How the Camera Reproduces it
- A Brief Review

The Cameron/Pace 3D Camera System.
Components and How it All Works
1. The 3D Camera Sled
2. Controls (Convergence, IO, Mirror, the Lens)
3. Work Flow (Recording)

Challenges of Shooting in 3D:
Advantages and Pitfalls
1. Camera Size
2. Motion Sensitivity
3. Hair and Make up
4. Fooling the Camera in 3D vs. 2D

Alterations and Limitations in Shooting
1. Composition
2. Lighting
3. Movement
4. Action and Handheld

Steadicam and Underwater
1. Modifications and How the Steadicam System Works With the 3D Sled
2. The Cameron/Pace Underwater 3D Camera System

Crew and Support Required
1. How Many People for Each Camera
2. Who Does What

Shooting "The Final Destination" and the Future of 3D Production
1. Stories from the Set
2. Cost vs. Return

Who Should Attend?

Any filmmaker who wants to improve his/her skill level, by being up close with one of film's great Camera Operators and Directors. Camera operators who want to take their careers to the next level. Cinematographers interested in the new wave of 3D digital technology. Anyone interested in learning from perhaps one of the all-time best.

What Will You Learn?

The Future of 3D Production and how the camera reproduces 3D. Camera and Shooting Techniques. Controls ( Convergence, IO, Mirror, the Lens). Advantages and pitfalls of shooting in 3D. Alterations and limitations in shooting. Shooting the new 3D feature film, "The Final Desitinaion."

Pre-register online today, or call Megan, Events Marketing Manager, (212) 255-7192.

Julian Chojnacki's film career started when he was 9 years old. Growing up in Toronto, Canada, Julian began exploring the art of film, using his father's wind up 8mm film camera. His passion and drive for filmmaking continued and in 1982, he learned the skill of Steadicam Operating from the inventor and master, Garrett Brown.

Through his 30 years as a Camera/Steadicam Operator, Julian has had the privilege of working closely with many of the industry's most talented and accomplished Directors and Cinematographers.

It is through this experience that Julian was able to 'learn from the best' and develop his own style and vision as a Director. A well-deserved opportunity to Direct came in 1995 while working on the CBS TV series "Nash Bridges," filmed in San Francisco. During his 3 years with "Nash Bridges," Julian directed 8 episodes and on occasion, simultaneously Directed and operated the camera. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2000, Julian has directed "A Mother's Testimony" (TV) starring Kate Jackson, a TV movie for the Lifetime network and was the 2nd Unit Director and Cinematographer on a film with Ice Cube called "Friday After Next."

He has also written, directed and shot numerous music videos.

As Main operator, Steadicam operator, Technocrane operator and Underwater operator on the 3D feature film, "The Final Destination," Julian was one of the first in shooting a film in 3D with the "run and gun" style on location. He was instrumental in refining the Cameron/Pace 3D camera set up for Steadicam.
Julian is currently in production as Director for the short film, "Heartburn" starring Dennis Haysbert and produced by Seymour Productions. is for aspiring filmmakers, and its primary goal is to encourage and support new and independent film and video makers of all ages and levels around the world. With the technology changes coming faster and faster, we are all students.

Join us in New York, NY, on Saturday, July 11th for a three-hour "Shooting in 3D" Workshop with Julian Chojnacki, SOC. Please also join us for our sponsors' presentations, demos, and Q&A sessions. This is the perfect workshop and networking event to attend in New York City.

The "Shooting in 3D" Workshop with Julian Chojnacki, SOC is presented by and StudentFilmmakers Magazine, a division of Welch Integrated, Inc.

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working on these workshops

working on these workshops

this really takes a lot of work but i think it is worth it. i don't think there is any better work in the world.