(Comedy Short) - Sherlock Holmes VS Indiana Jones


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Hi you guys!

I'm Stanley and I'm new to this forum. So what better way to introduce myself than by showing some of my work?
Together with my friends I run a YouTube channel called "FilmBox".

Because we're still students in filmmaking school, this channel follows our journey of learning how to tell a story through film, as well as learning how to do visual, practical and sound effects.

This is our latest video:
Hope you like it! Let me know what you think! :)

- Stanley


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Did you enter our Summer Shorts video contest? The deadline's extended and we're accepting videos through Oct 15. The winners will be announced and screened at NAB New York, Create FWD Stage on Oct. 18th, with screenings of the winning films. If you have any videos that you'd like to submit (video entry must be 7 minutes or less), it's free to enter when you post a link from our contest site to your twitter or facebook, there are wonderful prizes from our sponsors, and you have a chance to screen at NAB NY. Here's the contest site and community: http://www.summershortscontest.com