Composer looking for project


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I'm composer having strong academic background in music composition (graduated from St. Petersburg state conservaroty named after N.A.Rimsky-Korsakov) mostly working on field of researching and teaching music science, but with good experience composing scores for theatre perfomances. My idea is to collaborate with short video makers to gain expirience in flim making field so I could widen my portfolio and move on from theatre to movie.
Moslty I work with academic type of music (including any classical instruments) wich may be played digitaly with good samlpes in Cubase, specialy if it is full orchestra, but in case of small ensemlbe it is always possible to arrange real sound recording if there is a budget to pay musicians and studio.

Of course academic music isn't only type of music I compose, any style is good to write whatever it is an acustic or electronic or mixed. I am open to any kind of ideas feel free to reply me here or write to inbox.

You may find some examples of my works here:

Best regards, Dimitry.