Composer/Sound Designer looking for cooperation


Roman Divan

Already around 10 years I produce the music. I had my band and albums, a lot of concerts, contracts with recording labels, etc, but one day I’ve decided to change the region of my activity and interests. Now I like very much writing music and sound effects for films, for games, for commercials … for anything that needs the sound. And especially I like making it for the psychological thrillers, horrors and mystics, etc. I love dark and terrible atmospheres, mysterious melodies and sound effects, as at the cinema and as in the games also. It’s really great when music together with a picture makes the viewers or players scared. Certainly that’s not all what I`m doing (I’m working with different kinds of music) but that’s my favorite.
Already I worked in creation of a film and games as the composer and sound designer and that work impressed me very much (that was a psychological thriller and FPC/Action game). I send you my resume and the link to my page where you’ll find some of my works.

Hope I’ll be interested and useful for your new projects.
Any way let me know something about.

Best regards,
Roman Divan
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