Composer wants to introduce himself - looking for new and interesting projects


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Hello, im a student and composer for symphonic orchestral music for movies and hereby i want to introduce myself and my music to you.

I hope i´ll earn some critique, it doesn´t matter whether positive or negative, comments, or even requests to some interesting projects.

I have experience in several kinds of projects, as student/amateur movies and commercial dvd-projects, and had the honor of being nominated for and being the winner of respective prizes. My style is very loyal to the orchestra and i try to avoid the use of electronic elements which are not familiar to the orchestra. As you´ll hear i appreciate very much the sound of the pre-zimmerian age.

To get a better impression of my music and the sound and styles i prefer, i´ll now show you some pieces and add some comments to them.

Music for the animated short "Life"

The Music to the animated short "Life". That movie asks the question about "what means to be alive" in an abstract way, following the motto "what if life was just a dream?"


Conceptional Theme for the upcoming movie "Valhalla". That Theme tries to capture the spirit of a mythological world, which will be a far away place in the movie, can not be reached by the characters but let shine it´s noble aura throughout the movie.


Conceptional Opener for "Valhalla", which modulates the Theme heard in the prior track. It tries not to lift that mystic fog of the world of Valhalla, but tells you that there is something big to come.


That piece is the final piece and the credit piece of the movie "The Porcelaindoll", which accompanies the climax of the film, in which it turns out that the main character was involved in an accident, which changed all his life. The following credit piece modulates the Theme´s and motives which were used in the soundtrack.

Kathrin´s Theme

That piece is inspired by classical music and very piano-driven.

Thelema Credits

Credits for the movie "Thelema". As the movie is a "found-footage-movie" there is no variation of thematic material from the movie included. That track tries to capture the dark tone from the movie.

As always, i´d be very glad if you would leave some impressions, critical words, and whatever ;)