Conducting a Protoype Analysis for Uni. Can you spare a min?



Hiya people,

I'm in the middle of designing a prototype for a resource aimed towards amateur filmmakers for a multimedia production course in Uni. The prototype is intended to provide useful information on the subject of film music. The title i set myself was 'The effect of audio on the interpretation of moving image', and this prototype will hopefully go some way to explaining the title when referring to film.

Below are some screen shots from the prototype, which is being produced in Flash. If you could very kindly take the time to have a look at and comment on the layout, design, aesthetics and that kind of thing i'd be very grateful! I'm conducting various user tests at the moment, but I'm finding it hard to find 'amateur filmmakers' as participants, so I'm asking you lot as knowlegable people who are interested in the world of filmmaking to see what you think of the design ideas so far!!

The Main Menu from which all other areas of the prototype are accessed:

One of the films used is 'Saving Private Ryan', from which I've chosen certain scenes to analyse:

When a scene is clicked on, the scene with explanation of the kinds of sounds used and to what effect is seen:

Another film used is 'Gladiator', mainly looking at Hans Zimmer's use of music, and the resulting effects:

There are more sections to the prototype, these are just a few examples. Any comments on the layouts, content, anything at all really would be a big help! Feel free to criticise!!

Thankyou v. much for taking the time to read through this, and please let me know what you think regarding the design, and overall idea. Do you think it would be useful to amateur filmmakers? If you are an amateur filmmaker thats even better!!

Thanks again! All comments greatly recieved, Mike


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I think it looks really good. I like the simplistic layout you have.

One thing I noticed is that there is a Main Menu option on the Gladiator page, but not on the Saving Private Ryan page. Was this intentional or just by accident still playing with the layout?

Other than that, will you have problems with copyright issues using films such as these main Hollywood ones?

Oh, and let me also say Kudos to you because sound is often the weakest link in low-budget films, so hopefully this will help people improve it!


nope, the missing of the main menu button on the SPR page was a mistake! thanks for pointing it out.

as for c-right issues, i'm not expecting any problems, as this is mainly being produced to show intention of layout, content etc, not really to be marketed or made widely available at this point.

thanks for the reply, mike
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