Create a short film in any genre!


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Filmmakers from around the world are invited to showcase their creativity and storytelling abilities in Filmaka’s short film competition.

You have to submit a 3-5 min short film in any genre with the theme: LOST IN TRANSLATION 13 final films will be viewed by Filmaka’s esteemed jury. Out of which, top three will receive cash prizes and the opportunity to enter Filmaka’s Annual Feature Film Competition.

Deadline for submissions: NOVEMBER 20[SUP]th[/SUP], 2017.



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We wanted to let y’all know about our forthcoming film festival.

We are a: film festival/streaming channel/music and multidisciplinary season of events.

A little bit about us:

The Future Femme Manifesto

A future femme is someone who doesn’t ask for permission.
A future femme knows her worth, her value, and her goals.
A future femme doesn’t need anyone to open doors for her.
A future femme doesn’t take no for an answer.
A future femme ignores an irrelevant establishment.
A future femme creates iconic, inspirational content on no one’s terms but her own.

Future femmes make movies.
Future femmes make history.

Are you a future femme? Join us now.

Future Femme Film Fest

Anyone who identifies as a Future Femme may enter. (women, men, non-binary, trans)

The Future Femme Film Festival is now open.

Does your movie: elevate future femme perspectives, support the advancement of future femme talent, and empower future femmes through cinema?

Enter now: Future Femme Film Fest

Here’s a special 50% off code for entry at Film Freeway. Use FFFfriends here at

Read all about us over at our website