Creating Smoke in Post - Advice?


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Hi guys,

We've recently filmed a video which involves people smoking and the whole atmosphere of the piece is based around having a smokey environment. Unfortunately the location we filmed in was a strict no smoking area and so we had to improvise on the day. Can anyone recommend the best potential way to tackle this in post?




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Did you ask if you could use a smoke machine?
I did but unfortunately the building owner wouldn't allow it as he was worried it may set the fire alarms off and as we were shooting in a 22 storey building he was conscious of disturbing other businesses. I'm sure it'll be an after effects job in some way i'm just not great at VFX


hi there
there are many plug ins for smoke in after effects and motion , some are even built in, but these can be very cheeeeeeesssssyyyyy
so take care to finesse them.
my suggestions would be to find a new location and re shoot

Kim Welch

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I would try to get around it like Bart said with a new location or I might really try harder to get permission. Like check with the local fire department and just tell them what you want to do and maybe they could help out. It just takes a little experienced supervision and you can safely have a very smokey room. Other than that there might be preferable in camera settings to use for the post work but I don't know. Can you shoot in another location?