Crew Needed: Audie and the Wolf, Shoots April 9-May 3, CA


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Crew Needed: Audie and the Wolf, Shoots April 9 - May 3, LOS ANGELES, 90% of shoot in one location

Audie and the Wolf
Shoots April 9 - May 3
90% of shoot in one location

Crew needed:

Script Super
Art Department

Ultra low budget feature, with name talent.

Please specify if you can work for Deferred.
If the money comes in before we shoot we can pay $100 per day, so we need to know if you can still do it for Deferred.

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This dark comedy/horror, in the spirit of SHAUN OF THE DEAD, AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, and EVIL DEAD 2 offers a topsy-turvy take on the classic werewolf legend. Hit by a supermodel's car, a wolf is brought back to a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, where by the light of the full moon, he changes into a savage, bloodthirsty MAN and goes on a killing spree, slays the supermodel, her co-workers and friends, doctors, occultists, and others who happen to show up. Not remembering who he is, why he's killing, or how he got there, this JOHN DOE enlists the help of a punk rock grocery delivery girl named AUDIE BANTAM, who tries to help John with his amnesia, and they quickly fall in love. But John soon discovers that those he killed have come back as zombies, and he must fight them as they escape from the basement, as well as fight his wolf urges to kill and eat Audie, if he wants to set things right and get the girl in the end.

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