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whats the best way to make a custom news paper, or how can i obtain a paper from the past with a certain type of headline. also how can i make a voice over sound like a radio clip?? thanks


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Idk about newspapers but to make a VO sound like a radio clip involves using an EQ and compressor in apps such as Pro Tools and Soundtrack Pro. Changing certain frequencies within the VO can make it sound more compressed and like a radio or whatever. There may be presets that set the EQs to desired styles like outdoors, halls, basements, radios etc.

Bob Kessler

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The "radio" voice sound is a combination of the mic (the EV RE-20 is a relatively inexpensive option), compression and EQ. Radio stations use "steamroller" compression, which eliminates much of the dynamic range of the sound source, and hypes certain midrange and upper frequencies to give the sound source more "cut".

The era of the broadcast will also determine the sound you are looking for. In the 60's and 70's many AM stations used reverb on the DJs voice (at least here in the NY area). Mic technique is also a factor. Some DJs would "eat the mic" or speak with their mouth very close to the mic (Alison Steele "the night bird" from the mid-70's is a good example), which also creates a very distinct sound, very intimate with lots of low end.