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great question... I hope someone knows... because I'd love to sample a set before my crew begins filming again.


I'm also vollunteering for this Dedolight Search Party... 8)
Is it just us three on the case :?:


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Dedolights are very common light setup. I think they are made in europe, but i'm not too shure. I think you could get them from a light dealer. As they are mostly common in still photography, one should try a still photography materials dealer.

May be one could find ones on ebay ?

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Dedolights are pricey and once people buy them they tend to hang onto them unless they leave the business. Hard to find used. They may be available and professional photo supply stores in your area or you can try the bigger national photo supply in US, Calumet ( or Visual Departures (800/628-2003). There are many posibilities for a kit so you may want to rent until you become familiar with how they work and can better select. The wattages will be misleading as they are so efficent that they out perform larger watt units. Also tough, rugged, I saw Mr Weigert dunk a plugged in turned on unit in a bucket of water and it continued burning (not recomending you try this). If you attend big shows such as NAB in Vegas or Cine Gear in LA and Dedo is exhibiting you may be able to get some off the floor deals.

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Re: Dedolights Purchasing

KimWelch said:
I highly recommend the Dedolights because of their power, durability, and flexability.
Where is the best place to buy these?

Dedo Lights can and should be puchased from an Authorized dealer for their products in order to protect your investment by knowing that you are also buying service and support; not just the product.

Our company, Film/video Equipment Service Company has been an authorized dealer of Dedo product for over 15 years and we would be most happy to assist with your questions and and needs.

Remember, when selecting your service and support supplier; their expertise & knowledge of the full line of products that ANY manufacturer offers is valuable in order to ensure that you are guided to the proper equipment that will be suit your needs long into the future.

Buying your equipment should be done with great consideration; price is not the only aspect you should consider. Try to look at the long term picture of YOUR careeer and if you will be able to see a return on investment within the life span of the product.

Rental of Dedo lights can also be an option - try it before you buy it in a fashion, to see if you wil really be able to justify the expenditure. Some lighting instruments are not suitable for everyday/every production situation use. By renting, you are able to test out the equipment for a reasonable price without having to make the committment to own it. You may find that you are not that fond of that specific tool and relieved that you have not made a heavy investment in it. You may not have recourse to return it as most dealers will not take back product unless it is defective. ( this can be applied to most equipment - not just lighting). Remember, a PROFESSIONAL Sales and Service company should be more interested in learning what your needs are and guiding you to more than one option to meet those needs. If you are being directed to only ONE solution or manufacturer, perhaps the person directing you has more to gain from their recommendation than doing what is best for you, their customer. True, there will be times ( not many ) where only one specific tool can do what you need for a given project; but the sales organization will be able to tell you that and verify the factual basis for this claim. If they cannot, be concerned. Are there hidden agendas that you may not be seeing?

Good luck as you build your lighting package and your career.
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