Deployment Strategy: 1st completed sequence!!!!



hey all,
I've been posting for a while now (nearly a year!!) about my sci-fi short, Deployment Strategy. I wanted to show you a very short, but completed sequence.

I've posted here, on my own blog, and in the Student Filmmakers magazine about how we build a dropship interior set in my basement, how we had Multibody props built from my designs, how collaboration works with a soundtrack composer, and how to use photoshop to build computer interfaces here's a clip that incorporates all of those things together!

PLEASE WATCH :D 8 meg wmv file...



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Not bad Mark, nice props. Good score for the film. Sounds fitting for the perticular film.

Only think I could notice is possibly the air craft sound dropping from space, is it? or flything through the sky?

Maybe a little diagetic sound to build the realism aspect of your sci-fi world.

Great Work!
Keep it up


Kim Welch

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I like it

I like it

Hi Mark, I like it. Can you put light coming out ot the arm band techno thing in post?

Chris Haigh

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Great work mark my friend, really looks fantastic. cant wait to see all the little missing bits put in a version for me.

little teaser of the Division 9 Theme music, dont show to much my friend I havent put the finishing touchs on that scene yet mate :oops:

In my opinion ur a genius, and I'm so proud to be working for you