Deployment Strategy (sci-fi) needs an editor in NJ/NYC!!!



hey all,

many of you may know about my film, Deployment Strategy, that I've been working on for the past 12 months or so because I post about it often enough on these boards. well right now I'm looking for a volunteer editor in the NYC/NJ area that can help me cut together the next couple of "video blogs" that I've been releasing on the internet to generate interest in the film.

the first two video blogs can be seen from my site's homepage and will also be on the DVD of the completed film. Although this is a non-paying job, I think there are these valuable things that can be gained from this project:

1) gain experience, work on your craft
2) showcase your editing skills for your reel
3) cool genre - (if you like sci-fi/horror)
4) opportunity to work with a director
5) screen credit and all your work on the DVD
6) fun!

I've got roughly 10 hours of miniDV tape- most of which has been encoded. The footage includes rehearsals, location scouting, special fx planning, cast/crew interviews, behind-the-scenes, on-set production footage, and more. We have the next 6 video blog topics already mapped out and you'll have soundtrack, titles, header and footer files available to you. Each video blog is roughly 3 minutes long.

If interested, please contact me through my site's Contact Us section. I'd obviously need to see some samples of your work and as for time committment, I'm flexible but would expect you to be serious about putting time in.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys, and look for my article in next month's Student Filmmakers magazine about how we built one of our sets!!!


ps- if you have questions about this project that you think others might share, post them here so everyone can read my replies!