Details on the proposed Web Series


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Here's details on the proposed Web Series regarding the Premise and what it will require.

Decrepit Community Ed (This is just a working title).

The premise - A soap opera style satire depicting numerous efforts between multiple groups regarding a pair of old decrepit closed schools and want to do with them and there is some good unrelated subplots. The idea for this was actually inspired by actual failed attempts to renovate (Waste of money) and reopen two closed elementary schools (As middle schools) in the school district that I live in but fortunately the plans to renovate ultimately got scuttled after a School Board member that supported renovations dropped over dead and was eventually replaced (Appointed by a Common Pleas judge) by a vocal opponent of the proposed attempts to renovate those schools which ended up (After the previous municipal election guaranteed a majority that opposed renovations in favor of building new) being completely auctioned off and sold altogether.

The structure of each episode - Each episode will run from 30 to 60 minutes.

The groups of characters.
The opponents of proposed renovations - Multiple groups of Individuals who opposed the proposed renovations to the closed schools or reasons of student health and safety and some municipalities who oppose the proposed renovations to the closed schools are looking to permanently Secede from the school district to avoid the reality of the students who live in its respective boundaries from attending the schools the inferior supporters want to reopen.
The supporters of the proposed renovations - Multiple groups of Individuals who support the proposed renovations to the closed schools led by an inferior mayor of a municipality where one of the closed schools are located.

The good unrelated subplots.
Subplot # 1 - A unrelated shoot a an unrelated gun club forces the rivalries between two gun clubs (Which is completely instigated by a couple that’s living in a Travel Trailer or Truck Camper that’s located on several acres of property partially littered with junk) to end up proposing a set of shootout competitions to take place at a neutral gun club who does have a trap range that does not follow ATA specs and allows alcoholic beverages to be consumed on their property.

What Decrepit Community Ed Needs

Equipment - Professional Video Cameras, External Microphones, Shotgun Microphone kits, Lighting kits, a computer dedicated for editing the footage together.

Locations - 2 old rundown schools that are closed down, a good size piece of property that can accommodate a travel trailer and various junk, 3 different gun clubs, Several houses in various neighborhoods, Some Municipal Buildings, A school district administration building, a retail farm market and Garden Center, A local Pizza shop, A local Fine Wine and Good Spirits store, several local Bars, 2 local Giant Eagle stores.

Props (Purchase and Rent) - Various kinds of Firearms (For the subplot), various types of wardrobe for the characters, Furnishings for offices, Furnishings for Houses, Various Junk items, Various electronics for the offices and houses,

Other dedicated items - A Travel Trailer, Vehicles in various conditions.

Other needs - Dedicated actors for the roles of the various characters, Insurance (Especially for the subplot), Food (To feed the cast and crew), some dedicated crew members.

Note - Everything (Props, Travel Trailer, Vehicles, Junk) that does get purchased for the series will be sold or disposed of after the series wraps up production except the Equipment (Cameras, Microphones, Lighting, and Computer for editing) that that gets used for filming will be used for other video productions. A film production company will be officially incorporated as well.

Where the money raised will likely go

1. - Purchase of equipment needed to film the series (The equipment purchased will be used for future productions even after production of the series has ceased).
2. - Purchase of insurance.
3. - Cast and Crew salaries.
4. - Purchase of Props needed.
5. - Rental of Firearms used for the major Subplot.
6. - Incorporation of a Film Production Company.
7. - Purchase of Travel Trailer and Vehicles.
8. - Food for the Cast and Crew.

Reply if you have any questions.

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Seems like the legs are short on this because renovations only take so long. School Boards maybe. Do you have a crowdfunding site set up?


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I have set up a account at IndieGogo which will be used for the Crowdfundng campaign when it happens in the spring. I am now fine tuning (Creating major characters, Figuring locations needed) the details and attempting to generate local interest as well. I also have a good idea on how much it will likely cost, Where the series will be distributed (Likely on YouTube). I do have a contingency plan in place that can make the subplot the primary premise for the Web Series in the event that the local politicians and or any School Board member or members successfully prevent the series from production by any means.

Kim Welch

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I think something more long term would be better. Like a series about running a School board from the director of the boards point of view. Maybe shoot a lot of it or parts of it in doc style with a old style video look.