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I am shooting a project next weekend and had a question about bounce light vs diffused.

The scene takes place in a New York loft so the beauty is the location has these huge bank of windows providing natural light. The actor will be sitting on a couch in front of a window and I want to wrap the light around a bit.

Usually I have only worked with kinos and it can be a pain since there falloff is so bad. Now this shoot has a little better lighting package and I will have a 1.2k HMI fresnal.

What I was thinking of doing is shooting the HMI through a 4x4 silk, creating a nice source of soft light. My concern is will my shadow still be rather hard even going through a silk? I'd like the light to spread out and fill the room a bit but also keep the shadow soft. Would it be better to bounce? My concern with the bounce is I have to find a bigger whitecard/bboard and if i need to control it a little it will be a pain.

Through the 4x4 silk I hope to get a soft enough source that give me a nice spread. But I could always clip some 250 on the brand oors to diffuse it even more if I find its too hard.

You may be better-off with a 6'x6' frame of Lt. Grid Cloth -- silk is fine for diffusing sunlight, but it still allows a bit of hard light to leak through so it's not the most efficient diffuser.

If for some reason, you had enough stop after the light passes through the 6'x6' lt. grid cloth, you could always add an intermediate between the lamp and the 6'x6' frame, like a 4'x4' frame of 250.

You could also carry a 6'x6' UltraBounce or Bleached Muslin in case you wanted to bounce the light. And take some 4'x4' beadboard and foamcore with you.

I also always carry a white bedsheet, which you can tape to a wall or hang from two c-stands, for a very soft bounce.

Kim Welch

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this sounds very cool

this sounds very cool

can you post some photos or clips when you can of the shots?
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