Does this light work for a white room interview?


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I'm doing a film with no budget and I'm interviewing the guest in a white room, with medium ceilings and one window. It's a small room with all white walls. Would flood lights or something similar work in this situation?

Any advice is kindly appreciated.
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Some Thoughts

Some Thoughts

A room with plain white walls like this can be a blessing or a curse depending on what you're going for. I find that if you want the subject to be in a white limbo type of look, then you can just open the iris a touch and let the background bloom just a bit. But if the background is too plain, you can jazz it up with a lighting background pattern. This can be done with a cucoloris but I find it pointless to have such an expensive piece of gear when I can only ever use it for one thing. I have a Shadowfoils kit which is a lightweight alternative to a standard kook breakup pattern.

Good luck!