Drone Conversations at Cinegear

Kim Welch

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I heard two conversations about the advancement of Drones at Cinegear this year. One was from a marketin professioinal from one of the lighting company who was saying that Drones were taking over the business of cranes, helecopters and even steadicam but the argument was that you can't walk through a door with a drone which makes a lot of sense to me. However, I do believe drones are doing a lot of work that was done before by cranes and helecopters and other arial techniques. And, yes possibly some of the steadicam work.

Drone technology advancements like the follow me features were another topic that show exhibitors discussed. The ActiveTrack feature was first introduced with the Phantom 4 series and represents the evolution of the Follow Me mode found on previous drones, vastly improving accuracy and user experience. It allows the user to mark and track multiple moving objects on the controlling device’s screen without the need of an external tracking device. Both GPS and vision recognition are utilized in the ActiveTrack feature to locate the drone itself, stabilize its flight, and navigate between obstacles. It has been such a success that it is available on almost all new drones released by DJI.