Drug experience on film


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I need help writing a paper. I hope I came to the right place. How is the drug experience rendered on film? I'm writing about breaking bad, true blood, and that 70s show. Can anyone help?


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It depends on the drug. There are many things you can do stylistically to make your audience feel the "drugged" effect alongside the characters. In That 70's Show, for instance, they smoke a lot of pot. I remember the first episode when the Forman parents catch the kids smoking. When Eric looks at them, they are standing still, but the background is alive and moving. Then for instance, you have Breaking Bad, where meth is the most prevalent. Look at the side effects: paranoia, twitchiness, etc. There is a scene when Jesse is high, and he is panicking, looking out the window, when he sees two large bikers approaching from low angles. But really they were like Mormons or something. The idea is just to come up with creative ways to represent how that drug effects the user and show it to the audience. True Blood I have not seen. Sorry.

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One thing that might help you without having to write from experience is to read scientific research about the drugs and their effects.