editing style question!


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Hello everyone!!!

I am currently editing a short film which is set in recently vacated suburbs after the outbreak of a virus. It's kind of got a '28 days later' vibe, set in Australia. I was wondering if there was a specific editing style for this type of genre? any suggestions would be greatly appecriated as I would like every element of this film to convey this genre!!

lara from oz


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Pacing is not something you can learn in a book. You'll learn it by putting time in the chair man. Edit on...


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based on the scene, if it's sad, edit slow cuts, if it's insane make the cuts fast (like running away from the army...?)

Either way, you have to look through the footage and understand the story, then you can get the pacing.

Kim Welch

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use your instincts and copy others

use your instincts and copy others

use your instincts and watch and copy films that worked for you. copying what works in other films is acceptable. watch movies that fit similar emotional content and see why it works and use it. it is perfectly OK to copy what works in other story telling motion pictures. you don't have to reinvent the wheel just make it work for your vehicle.