Eternal Hunters (Fantastic-Action Series)


This is a webseries I'm making with my friends since summer 2010. We're actually filming the fourth episode of the first season. And the first three episodes are availible on Youtube. They are in french, but we made some subtitled versions to able english speakers to understand the story instead of just watching the special effects.

The frists episodes were shot with a Sony HDR-HC5 (prehistorical stuff yeah), but the next ones will be made with the new Canon EOS 550D.

If you like paranormal series like Charmed, Heroes, Supernatural and what not, I'm sure you'll like this.


1x01: Bound
1x02: The Styx Sense (Part 1)
1x02: The Styx Sense (Part 2)
1x03: Frères Ennemis (Partie 1) (Only in French)
1x03: Frères Ennemis (Partie 2) (Only in French)

Please give us some feedback, it help us to target what people want. Thank you for watching!

(No this wasn't made in france but in the french part of Canada, which is the Quebec province)
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