Fake Blood


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I was just wondering what the pros use for blood in the films. Where can you find it? What's it called? Not the Halloween blood you find in Longs or safeway, the real stuff. Thanks.

Barry Lyndon

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I've been told the key ingrediants, but not the qualtities, and I haven't tried it yet. Apprarently it looks very real and even congeals like real blood. If you are interested in experimenting a little, here's what I know...

You will want food coloring, of course, to color it with. Combine red and blue for the right shade. Experiment until you get the color you want. Some people use black instead of blue, but blue works best.

Use corn starch or some kind of clear syrup for the base.

The secret ingrediant, I am told, is zinc oxide, which can probably be found at the local drugstore. This is the ingrediant that allows the blood to thicken and turn "rusty" as it dries. The quantities are not just vague -- they were intentionally witheld from me on this one. I have no clue how much you need of this stuff. Probably not much.

Best used when applied in massive quantities. ;)