Fake Weapons



Hi I'm doing an action movie and there is a scene in which a crime boss is getting beat with a baseball bat. I haven't been able to find out how to do this but I don't want to change the scene. But I could maybe change the weapon... :?


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you could just have the camera pointing up at the assailant from the ground and have your assailant hitting something that isn't your other actor.

or you could just swing softly but make it look convincing and add in sound in post.


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depends on your actors

depends on your actors

but you could also pad the actor getting hit. Lots of close ups of the facial expressions the bat swing through the air, ECU of the attackers face as he swings, then a couple of those padded body hits and you have a convincing scene (with added sounds of course). Use the camera angles to your advantage.


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plastic bat, and just make sure you paint it nicely, look for the ones with the wood grain, their usually found really cheap at least under 10 bucks.