Fathoms deep feature film


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I've been working on this film for 3 months and couldn't wait to post something here about it. There's so much to tell but I'll have to just give a hint and a few teaser screen grabs for now.

Title - Fathoms Deep
Tag Line - "There's No Such Thing As Good Guys"
Full Length Stylized Crime Movie
I rented guns from Doc at Indy Arms

General Info.
Production Shoot days - 12
Locations - 14 with 22 different setups
Crew - 3
Actors - 23
Shot on HVX and SGBlade in Los Angeles and the Mojave Desert
Budget <$5,000 ...... <so far>

Fathom's Deep. It's a comical yet thrilling look inside the life of two partners in crime, "Hicks" and "Cash". They're mere puppets in a twisted lineup of crime lords and "not quite so right in the head" villains, doing their best to stay afloat as they've fallen victim to a deal gone bad. They now have to wait out the storm with a less than appealing safety man "Pox", while opposing crime boss "Big Lou" has them hunted down.
Will they make it out just in time, or is there even a way out? There's no such thing as Good Guys.

Please ask questions or leave comments. I'll be finished with principal photography this following week. After which, I'll add a teaser and some more info.




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looks good, maybe some gritty, dark, high contrast colour correction for some added effect, didn't see much in the trailer though.