FCP Rescue 6, avaialbe for download



Anders Holck Petersen now has "FCP Rescue 6" available for download, for
those of you who've upgraded to Final Cut Studio 2!

FCP Rescue is a freeware download (but donate if you can to help support
this really helpful effort) that will backup, trash, and restore your
FCP preferences files.

On occation, and more so with older versions of FCP than later ones, the
user preferences in FCP get corrupted and cause erratic behavior or
minor glitches. Its an easy fix by trashing the various files, in their
various locations, but tracking down these files is a royal pain and
time consuming. Not to mention that every version of FCP (4, 5, & 6)
have slightly different files configurations, locations, names, etc.

When you download FCP Rescue, un-zip the package, and copy it to your
Applications folder. I also put a copy of it in my Dock. Then, when
FCP is running just fine, launch FCP Rescue (note that you can not run
FCP Rescue and FCP at the same time, you must quit out of FCP first) and
hit the "Backup" button. It takes two seconds and it's done.

If you have glitches in your FCP app, use FCP Rescue and hit its "Trash"
button. This will place all the appropriate preferences files in your
Trash. When FCP re-launches, it will automatically write new, fresh
preference files.

If you have "Favorites" such as filters, filter packs, transitions,
generators, etc, all in your Favorites Bin located in the Effects tab of
the Browser, trashing the preferences will delete them. By using FCP
Rescue, you can use the Backup you create to "Restore" those known, good
files after you "Trash" the bad ones. Thus, you don't lose any Favorites.

FCP Rescue 6 (as well as versions 4 & 5) can be found at this URL: