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Few months ago posted a link to youtube with my upcoming feature film MURDERED, 63min, shot on DV, which is now completed and I have been posting screeners out to distribution companies, the response I am getting is that my films too short for a dvd realise, minimum length is 70-80 mins.

My question is who sets these standards????

Back in the old days feature films had a minimum length of 50min, which has been increasing ever since, today we are watching feature films that are over 2 hours long, but does an audience want to watch films with such lengths or are we indirectly being forced to watch long films? Will the minimum feature length will increase to 2 hours?

if a new filmmaker like myself has successfully told a story that is only 63min and now can not get any representation because the films in only 7min min shorter than the so-called international feature length?

I am not moaning, just wanted to share this information with people who are planning to shoot a feature film that is under 70mins. I currently in process of setting up a website for the film and hopefully keep you posted if something happens.

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I'm surprised that 70 minutes is long enough; I was watching a movie a while back which was just over 80 and lots of people on the Internet were complaining that it was short.


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I guess, we as audience might have different opinions then the distribution companies who takes on the films. however, I don't find any representation then I will just setup a paypal and distribute it myself.

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Distribute it yourself with PayPal? :shock: That would be a major headache! If you cannot find a distributor, you should look into FilmBaby then.


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Hi. My question to you is do you have any footage that you could include in your film, and it not screw it up, to make you film at least 70 minutes. Other than that my suggestion to you would be to enter this into as many film fest as you possibly can. Then make another feature if you can. Make a demo dvd after this of the best scenes from each film then show them to an agent.